SeedKeeperPalooza 2012

     Day 1:  St. Louis

Yey,  Marvin Elementary!!

SeedKeeperPalooza 2012 began at Marvin Elementary School in St. Louis where we met with the vice-principal and the teacher who oversees the school’s garden.

Marvin Elementary was the Missouri winner for The Seed Keeper Project in 2011.

What did we love about their courtyard filled with raised beds?
Each grade level decided what they wanted to grow in their bed. Involving students in the planning process for a school garden is smart education!!
We applaud school’s like Marvin Elementary for incorporating a school garden into their

The Seed Keeper Project recognizes school gardens in all 50 states.

Every school needs a garden!!


Got inspired at Greenscape Gardens!!

 Greenscape Gardenswas a welcome oasis as we traveled through Missouri. We have a ritual when we visit a garden center. First, we do a quick wander around to get the oohs and aahs out!! We did plenty of that at Greenscape Gardens. If your around Manchester, Missouri make this center a stop on your list. We’re not surprised it’s a Revolutionary 100 Garden Center winner.

A Quick Lunch Stop at Missouri Hick Barbeque!!

 Enjoyed a wonderful lunch at Missouri Hick Barbeque. What delicious food! We dined up top on the covered porch. Be sure to check this place out if you’re traveling in Missouri.

  Camdenton Farm & Garden-Nestled in the Beautiful Countryside

 Upon arriving at Camdenton Farm & Garden we we’re greeted by the most magnificent display of geraniums and a gorgeous kitty!!

On the road we renew an appreciation for the diverse landscape in our country!!

Day 2 : Baker Creek Seed Company

On Missouri Road EE, the pavement ends and the road to Baker Creek begins.
We were so stunned by the quiet beauty that we stopped the car and got out to prepare ourselves for a lovely day in the country.

Baker Creek Seed Company is a mecca for seed-lovers like us. As we pulled up we we’re greeted by the very friendly David Kaiser. We think he’s the resident ambassador for Baker Creek.

Baker Creek is a very comfortable, serene place. It’s like taking a small step back in time.

Check out the many charming spots at Baker Creek. You can visit the apothecary, mercantile and a very special restaurant. What’s unique about the restaurant is that patrons are encouraged to pay what they can. A delightful, thoughtful idea. Pay what you can--maybe we could help pay for someone who couldn’t. Leave it to gardeners to think of others.
 Baker Creek is a working farm with lots of growing going on. We saw it as a place that preserves. Seeds are saved and the arts are alive. Throughout the year, Baker Creek hosts festivals that promote artisans and music.
The Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Store is, of course, awesome. So many heirloom seeds to choose from–we didn’t know where to start and filled our baskets quickly.
The fowl at Baker Creek are a fabulous site. So many unusual types, especially for us city dwellers.
 Day 3: Juniper Gardens Training Farm & Planter’s Seed-Feed & Spices
Many of you will recall the famous lyrics from the musical, Oklahoma, “Got to Kansas City in the morning…” In our case, it was a beautiful, sunny spring morning when we arrived at Juniper Gardens Training Farm in Kansas City, Kansas!
 CultivateKC says this about the farm:
“On eight acres of previously vacant ground near downtown Kansas City, KS, a new green and productive space is growing. Juniper Gardens Training Farm is the home of Cultivate Kansas City’s Farm Business Development Program. Local vegetable gardeners, whether they are resettled refugees or Kansas City, KS residents, can turn their green thumb into a small business.”

We enjoyed our time at the Training Farm. What we experienced underscored what we already knew; community gardens are wonderful places that empower the members of the community. Hats off to you, Juniper Gardens Training Farm!!

 A quick trip back across the river and we’re in Missouri, again!!

Planters Seed and Spice Company was founded in 1924 by German immigrant, Henry Wertheim, and is located in the charming City Market District. We loved the old seed cabinets and the ladies at the front counter!! Again, we filled our baskets–this time with spices!!

 Day 4: Omaha and Mulhall’s Nursery
Omaha was a strategic stop on the trip. Spent the night at Kerrie’s dad’s house and enjoyed a delicious meal at a favorite Mexican restaurant.
 Mulhall’s Garden Center is truly  a destination garden center. The garden center is only part of this amazingly large place. Enter to home furnishings,  then on to the floral center–then, the garden center. We were floored by the fantastic offerings. If you’re in Omaha add Mulhall’s to your “must stop” list.
Day 5: Des Moines– Loki’s Garden Center & The Better Homes and Garden Test Garden

Loki’s Garden Center full of wonderful ideas!

Loki’s Garden Center is located just west of Des Moines in what we call “the country”. It’s a beautiful place full of vision. we loved the way the plants are organized by sun exposure. Makes it easier to choose. Justin and the staff really know their plants. We find that comforting and know it’s a bonus for beginning gardeners!
 Better Homes and Garden Test Garden
The Better Homes and Gardens Test Garden  (BH&G) in Des Moines was our final stop on the tour. We were so excited to visit this special place. BH&G has been a resource for gardeners for many years and we certainly count ourselves in that group. A perfect finale for our trip!!

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  1. Susan Fox
    Dec 13, 2013 @ 11:34:47

    Dear Glamor Girl Seed Keepers,
    I only have this to say about that! Yippee I see you have started some seeds for me. Cant wait for them to be delivered. Lattes will be made all around! Amnd Happy Hour every day!


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