SeedKeeperPalooza 2011!!

We love what we do!! One of our favorite things is getting out of the office to visit garden centers and garden friends. Each year we take a break and hit the road. We call it #SeedKeeperPalooza. It’s a great adventure!!
We’ve just returned. Enjoy our adventure!!

#SeedKeeperPalooza began early Monday, May 9th and took us to Indiana, Ohio and Michigan. Along the way we visited some fabulous independent garden centers and spent time with some special garden writer friends.

Our garden friends followed our adventure on Twitter at #SeedKeeperPalooza.

SeedKeeperPalooza Mobile

On The Road…

Our first stop was at Linton’s Enchanted Garden in Elkhart, Indiana. This place is definitely a destination garden center–plants,  gifts,  petting zoo and just a pretty place.
On the way to the petting zoo, we passed darling little buildings representing places abroad. We loved the little Japanese house. Plant offerings are nestled among the buildings–makes for a really pretty place.

The  petting zoo is adorable and families have an opportunity to have up close encounters with donkeys, pigs, goats and an array of interesting fowl. Lots of fun at Linton’s Enchanted Gardens.







Our trip to Our Little Acre took us down a lovely windy road past an old beautiful cemetery complete with a Victorian wrought iron fence.

We were barely in the driveway of Our Little Acre when our dear friend Kylee ran out the door to greet us. Waiting in the kitchen were frosty peach bellinis. Kylee had sampled these delicious drinks on her recent visit to P. Allen Smith’s Moss Mountain Farm. Perfect after a long day on the road!!

A little history–we originally met Kylee through her garden blog, Our Little Acre. Our first in-person meeting was at 2010 Independent Garden Center Show in Chicago at Navy Pier!! Kylee chose our Seed Keeper as one of her four favorite products of the show.  We also met Kylee’s very special Mom, Louise, there. Through, Facebook and Twitter we keep in touch and, occasionally, we have the fortune of seeing each other in person. It was huge thrill for us to see Kylee and Our Little Acre in person!The gardens at Our Little Acre are are truly beautiful. We learned many things from her as we toured her acre and conservatory.

Kylee had planned a special dinner from P. Allen Smith’s Seasonal Recipes From The Garden cookbook. It was a simple dish of marinated pork with a sauteed veggie mix. Along side she served a tasty salad from the book of fresh greens and strawberries. It was great fun to spend time in the kitchen together.

After dinner, we switched to comfy jammies and Kylee shared her photos of her recent Garden2Blog trip. She is a fabulous photographer. It’s fun to see how she captures images!!

We were up ’til the wee hours of the night chatting about gardening and life!!

Kylee and her kitty.

Our Little Acre is a serene quiet place. We marveled at the sky and brilliance of the stars. No light pollution there. Just simple country living.

It was ours for a night.















A Trip to Louise’s Garden



After a lovely overnight stay at Our Little Acre, we ventured on to a special breakfast and garden tour at Louise Hartwig’s home. You may know, Louise is Kylee Baumle’s vivacious mother. Louise treated us to a lovely table filled with delightful goodies.

Louise has been a gardener for many years. Her gardens tell a story of dedication and love.

We loved her little purple bistro vignette. The falling blossoms added magic to the scene. The neat thing about touring the gardens at both Kylee and Louise’s home is their plant knowledge. Point to a plant–they know the name.

After a quick photo in Louise’s gazebo, we were off to our next stop, The Children’s Garden of Van Wert, Ohio.

The Childrens’ Garden and Butterfly House
Van Wert, Ohio
The drive from Louise’s home to The Children’s Garden and Butterfly House at Smiley Park took us through downtown Van Wert. What a beautiful community! Gardens everywhere!!

The bright structures of The Children’s Garden were apparent from a distance. Once in the parking lot, we could hardly wait to get inside.

C’mon look at that at that entrance, who wouldn’t want to play and learn here?
The Childrens’ Garden is developed and maintained by the Ohio State University Extension Master Gardener volunteers and is a passion of Louise Hartwig’s.Louise has spent many hours here and raised a significant amount of money to make it a reality.




The garden design is based on a wheel with spokes radiating to different gardens.

Louise at the entrance to The Butterfly House.

Important aspects of gardening are covered in this garden. Two we felt important, were theMemory Garden and the Adaptive Garden.

The garden is full of places to collect your thoughts.

Kylee is thoughtful at Pooh’s Thotful Spot.

Love to have a little fun!




At Pooh’s Thotful Spot, we learned that Kylee is a lover of the original Winnie the Pooh. Call us crazy, but, we think she might have had a hand in this thinking spot.

Perfect place for a photo op!!


Kylee and Louise












The Childrens’ Garden and Butterfly House is a unique place and a great model for all communities. Look at what gardeners’ can do together. The benefits resonate for generations to come!







Kylee and Louise are a perfect example of generations gardening together. They share a tremendous amount of energy.

Our less than 24 hours in western Ohio was a whirlwind of fun and friendship. Makes us want to go back for some more.

If you happen to be traveling through Ohio make a point to see The Childrens’ Garden and Butterfly House. You’ll want one for your community!!

BG Garden

At the entrance of BG Garden!

Our directions said to cross the river and look for the log cabin and there it was, the entrance to BG Garden.

Our special garden friend, Brenda Haas is the owner and chief gardener at BG Garden. We got to know Brenda through her special talents–photography, writing and networking people together. We enjoy her blog, BG Garden. We also met Brenda for the first time at the Independent Garden Center Show last year.

Perfect for a warm day!




On the road in we were greeted by a veranda-covered deck overlooking the pond set with a beautiful luncheon table.


Before lunch, Brenda, treated us to a tour of her Bunny Barn and Green House.

These are incredible bunnies. Trained, too. For us city girls, the activities in rural areas are of great interest. The 4-H programs available are amazing. This little bunny knows how to hold himself in a show pose for as long as the judges look at him.

Our Seed Keeper chock full of seeds at BG Garden!


The greenhouse was filled with beautiful plants and there we found our Seed Keeper ready to work.

Brenda uses her Seed Keeper a lot–as you can see. Like us, she says it makes seed starting easier. We were tickled to see our Seed Keeper doing such a good job!!

Bren and Carol

Tree House!

BG Garden brought out the inner-kid in us. It was a thrill to spend the afternoon with Brenda and her husband, Andy. They’re adventurous like us!! Brenda knew we were dying to drive the garden cart and despite, very wet conditions, they bravely let us take turns driving around the property. Along the way we found some more fun.
A very cool cable-suspended tree house is nestled in the woods. Of course, we had to take a peek inside.

We couldn’t resist!

Our last hurrah at BG Garden was taking a turn on the trampoline. We had been eyeing it since our arrival. What a hoot. Everyone knows we’re really 12 year-olds–just big for our age.

Brenda doesn’t know it but, we’ve already planned our return visit to BG Garden.


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