Grow, Eat, Save & Decorate!

Well, you’ve got some mighty fine plants and veggies growing in your yard this year. For a lot of us, our growing season is coming to a close.  Hot peppers of all kinds are among the many veggies, herbs and flowers we like to grow.  We love the different colors peppers turn and the hot and sweet flavors that turn along with them like these sweet cherry peppers on the left and hot cayenne peppers on the right. So many things you can do with peppers….even decorate your home with them!!


Last year, we were rewarded with an abundance of cayenne peppers!


After using them in all sorts of recipes, drying and rolling them to save as pepper flakes and grinding them to use as cayenne or red pepper for spicing up future dishes, there was still about a pound left over.  That’s a lot of peppers!  Of course we saved some of these heirloom seeds to plant in the future!


Now the fun begins!  Creating a decorative string of rich colorful peppers is simple and takes no time at all.  First and foremost, wear latex gloves to protect your skin from the capsaicin, the fiery hot compound found in the fleshy ribs and seeds inside hot peppers. If you have ever touched or wiped your eyes after working with hot peppers without gloves, well, let’s just say you got religion! It burns!!!  Now all you need is floss and a big-eyed needle to thread the floss through.  Why floss? Capsaicin will disintegrate cotton thread over a period of time.

Begin threading your peppers by inserting the needle through the pepper just under the green cap on the top.  Be sure to knot the end of the floss on that first pepper well so it won’t unravel.  Repeat threading peppers until you have the desired length.


It took about a pound of peppers to make these three 3′ long cayenne pepper strings.  You can hang peppers anywhere in your home.  These peppers are hung in the kitchen adding a festive splash of color over the fall and winter.  Seeing them always reminds us of warm summer days in the garden, the delicious produce we grew for our families and that the next growing season is just around the corner.  It’s never too early to plan your next garden! We hope you will give growing, eating, saving and decorating your home with peppers a try too!

See you in the garden,

Carol and Kerrie




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